Why us?

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  • Strong “Hands-on”, diversified, operational background of key personnel.
  • Ability to Produce High Quality Work.
  • Ability to Deliver Products with reference to Client Standard on time every time.
  • Balance between Operational and Capital concerns.
  • Cost effective designing, lower downtime, and reduced costs to maximize facility utilization and expansion potentials.

Strong relationships with leading technology entities allow us to stay ahead of the technology curve. Strategic business alliances coupled with sound understanding of technology enables us to provide the right mix of technology and services to best suit our customers’ requirements.

State-of-the-art facilities, secure infrastructure:

At Hi-Sign Technologies our systems are designed to work on resilient, secure infrastructure that is spread across locations and channeled by high-end communications links, ensuring our customers’ business is safe in any eventuality.

core assets

Our Core Assets:

Our manpower team, which is the core asset at Hi-Sign Technologies, comprises of Core Professionals in the areas of Multimedia and Software Development. This multi-disciplinary team allows us to approach a project with a wider scope in thinking.

The individual project teams brainstorm together to provide a reality test for one another and also to share their unique viewpoints. We have been very responsive to our customer’s needs and changing requirements. We have taken on and successfully completed projects which other firms hesitated to attempt.

We assure our customers of the right mix of professionals and personnel to complete a project professionally and cost-effectively. Our professionals include Software Engineers, Digital Animators, Artists, Engineers, Technicians as well as Support personnel.

How do we ensure the best?

At Hi-Sign Technologies we assure our customers of our adherence to the highest quality standards through careful documentation and implementation of a Project Quality Plan, which details quality responsibilities, controls, processes and procedures.

We monitor and control the quality of services provided through a combination of task and process audits, checklists, inspections, the allocation of individual responsibility and accountability for the work undertaken, and timely reporting and documentation.


At Hi-Sign Technologies we realize that we deal with highly confidential data from our clients. We therefore ensure that we take utmost care in maintaining such confidentiality within our organization too.

Our measures include confidentiality compliance agreements with our own employees, limited and secure access to the premises, and controlled access to internal storage devices and dissemination of information strictly on a need to know basis.